Stress Levels: Study Shows Moving Home Makes You Anxious

People have always thought that moving home is a stressful life event. When you decide to move home, you don’t just move to a new property; you need to move your entire life. That means that you have many things to deal with when you are moving. Sorting out the small details is not enough. You will need to spend loads of time adjusting to your new situation. According to a recent study, people say moving home as more stressful than dealing with death or divorce. Here is why.

Buying a home and sorting out finances

Buying a home is the first step of moving house. One of the troubles with finding a home to suit your needs is finding financing. You might find your dream home with ease, but can you afford to buy it? A good guide to moving home will suggest that you look for a loan that suits your needs. Never get a loan that you can’t handle. What often stresses people out is the fact that they can’t keep up with their mortgage repayments. People often get into a vicious cycle. They get into debt, and so they take out more loans to deal with their debt problems.

The stress of planning and packing

80% of the time, packing is the most-stressful part of moving home. People tend to forget just how stressful packing is until they do it. That means that people leaving packing their things until the last minute. When people underestimate how long it will take them to pack, they cause themselves no end of stress. That means that people worry about whether they will have time to complete the packing process before they leave. Studies have found that high-stress levels lead to heart attacks and strokes. It is important that you lower your stress levels whenever you can.

Anxiety about leaving memories behind

If you are leaving a house that you lived in for a great many years, you might find that causes you anxiety. People can become attached to places. That means that people often find it difficult to leave the past behind them. When you are leaving your home, you should make sure that you give yourself time to say goodbye to your old house. Many people leave in a rush and regret not taking one last look around the place. Giving yourself a bit more time will mean that you can have closure. Experts believe that saying goodbye to a property helps make moving easier.

Finding a new job in the current economy

With the economic climate fragile, many people find it difficult to find a new job. When people move home, they must also find a new job. That means that people often have to deal with finding a new house and a new job at the same time. People can only cope with so many things at once. When people have too much to deal with, they tend to break down and become anxious. If you have problems with anxiety, you should make sure that you talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

Settling into a new home

The anxiety and stress doesn’t end when people move into their new home. In fact, experts believe that the first month after the move is a crucial time when it comes to stress. When people are in a strange environment, they might find it hard to settle. That means that you need to make sure you give yourself the best possible chance to settle into your new home. Experts suggest that you should not go to your old home for at least three months after you have moved. Having some space from your old home will give you a chance to settle into your new environment.

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