Holiday Dress Prep For Busy Women

As the holidays approach, your schedule likely becomes busier and busier. You have work, school, and family obligations, but additional holiday events make your schedule almost non-stop. The end of the year time creates some special events, like end-of-the-year company parties, family dinners, local holiday events, or kids’ school programs. Getting everything done is hectic enough on a regular week, but now you need to double or triple your to-do list. Not only do you have to carve out time to attend, but you also have to figure out the dreaded “what will I wear” question. If you’re a plus-size woman, that can further add to the challenge. Regardless of your dress size, here are some fabulous prep ideas to help you de-stress.

  1. To begin, don’t stress about the possibility of not finding a stunning dress in your size. While you may have to skip some stores, many stores have a least small section that cater to women above size 14. You can also shop at specialty stores, like Lane Bryant, that carries a full line of holiday dresses, career outfits, shoes, and accessories. Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for your outfit. You’ll not only feel more relaxed, but you’ll also have time to find exactly what you want, even scoring discounts off your perfect outfit.
  2. Don’t buy a complete new outfit, especially if you don’t have much prep time in between work and the event. Think of ways to upgrade your daytime outfit for that special night. Add a sheer black glittery jacket or wrap over a plain, nude colored shell. Unclip your daytime ponytail or bun into bouncy waves with some added hairspray. Transform the work pantsuit by pairing a metallic colored belt with a short sleeve shell and matching dress pants.
  3. Switch shoe styles from work to play. Change from your comfort flats to cute kitten heels or high wedges that will make your outfit fancier while not killing your feet. You can also make your shoes the focal point of your outfit. Pick a style with stand out details, brightly colored heels, or thigh-high boots. While above knee boots can be a challenge for plus size women, Lane Bryant offers different styles that are sure to fit both the calf and thigh areas.
  4. Instead of making your shoes stand out in the crowd, you could choose one gorgeous accessory to jazz your outfit. Choose a neutral outfit, in terms of extra buttons, zippers, or multiple colors. Pair a sheath dress with long, flowing, layered gold necklaces. Or combine a simple black dress with a vibrant colored, gem stone necklace.
  5. Mix fabrics and designs. Plus-size women have been made to feel like they should only wear black, or something large and loose. Forget the number, and choose a style that makes you feel good. Be bold. Choose designer jeans with a sequined blouse. Or wear a daring mini dress with sequins and a tulle skirt.
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