Chevrolet Corvette Security System Device Could be Illegal To Use

The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette is available with a Performance Data Recorder system equipped with cameras and GPS tracking that’s meant to capture your on-track antics, but also has a password-enabled Valet Mode that monitors the vehicle when you hand over the keys to someone else, like a parking attendant.

However, a memo discovered by revealed that Chevrolet recently notified dealers in several states that the system could violate informed consent laws governing secret recordings, and that buyers need to be told to beware.

It’s not the video that’s the issue, but the fact that it also records audio, which can require two-party consent in a number of states.

The letter states: “you must advise any customers who take delivery of an impacted vehicle that they should refrain from using the Valet Mode until the update takes place. If they do use the Valet Mode, they should (i) notify any occupants of the vehicle that they will be recorded while in the vehicle, and (ii) obtain their consent to this recording. It is very important that you explain this to each customer at the time of delivery.”

A Chevrolet spokesperson confirmed to that the notice is genuine and that “in the near future, we will be making a software update available to remedy this issue.  A number of alternatives are under consideration,” he said.

A similar letter has been sent directly to existing owners.

In the meantime, it might just be easier to park the car yourself.

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