There is no question that the shape and face of modern retail has changed dramatically in recent times, with many shoppers using their smartphones or PC’s to buy goods, where they would once have gone into a store to purchase.

Some retail establishments definitely felt the wind of change and seemed to be in danger of fading away, which is what prompted a rethink and some drastic action to reinvent themselves and breathe new life into their business.

Modern Shoppers

Giving your store a modern makeover with the help of Crosscap signage for example, is one way to help attract those customers back inside, and here is a look at some examples of how some fading retail establishments managed to turn things around.

Becoming more customer-centric is helping to revive AT&T

The general trend amongst the majority of mobile carrier stores is to focus on being product-centric, which is great for allowing shoppers to get up close and personal with the products themselves, but doesn’t really address how these items will integrate with your lifestyle.

What AT&T have done in order to make it more appealing, is to apply a greater focus on the customer experience, with the introduction of and Explore Zone combined with an Experience Zone.

This has now given their customers the opportunity to take their shopping experience to another level and not just get their hands on the products they are interested in, but to see them in action and find out for themselves why they might to buy the item.

What AT&T has done with a revamping of their stores is to work on bringing their products to life and make the shopping experience a much more personal affair, which is going down well with consumers.

Hy-Vee finds a way to add value

The supermarket sector is a highly competitive retail environment and with wafer-thin margins in some instances, any drop in sales is going to takes its toll, which is why Hy-Vee took the step of finding a way of to stand out from the crowd and add value.

Their fairly radical solution to this problem was to introduce their Market Grille and Market Grille Cafe. These new dining concepts were designed in order to offer shoppers a sit-down dining experience and enjoy in store what they may want to take away with them when they do the grocery shopping during the same visit.

Add in the fact that Hy-Vee introduced access to dieticians in their store and the chance to get a health screening, and you can see that this is a company that decided to pull out all the stops in order to reinvent themselves and add some real value to their brand, in the eyes of a good number of their suitably impressed customers.

These are just two examples of how there is always an opportunity to reinvent your business if it needs it, by thinking about what the modern consumer really wants from you with their shopping experience.

Christopher Butler is a marketing and brand consultant who has worked in the industry for many years. Keen to share his knowledge and to keep the smaller independent retailers afloat, he shares some of his tips and thoughts.

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