Wearing braces used to be one of the many tortures of adolescence. If a child’s adult teeth did not grow in perfectly straight, their helpful parents, aware of the career importance of having an attractive smile, hauled them off to an orthodontist. The orthodontist fitted metal caps around every tooth and linked them together with curved metal rods. Often, they also had to put in tiny rubber bands. For years to come, children would feel self-conscious every time they smiled, painfully aware of how their teeth glittered in the sun. When they spoke, their tongues encountered the metal bands wrapped around their enamels, which affected their pronunciation of words. They would slightly slur every word, so you could hear it even over the telephone.

Removable Teeth Aligners

Sometimes they were supposed to wear a piece of metal and plastic fastened around the outside of their mouths and heads, the dreaded orthodontic headgear. It was a great way to make the average teenager dream dropping through the floor rather than go to class.

Fortunately, today’s teenagers and adults alike have choices. They can wear clear, thin plastic aligners that are practically invisible. Each one moves teeth a fraction of a millimeter when worn for two to three weeks. To move them gently into the correct, fully straightened position requires a series of aligners, progressively moving toward perfection. The precise number depends on how much misalignment there is to correct. They’re easily removed when necessary, such as while flossing, brushing or eating.

Awareness of the importance of oral health is rising all around the world. And so is the market for invisible teeth aligners. Invisalign is one of the companies producing this new kind of orthodontic technique. In London, Ontario, they’re available from dental clinics like Smart Smile – The Smile Dental Centre. According to a dental consumer information site, they are made of clear, thin plastic that has been vacuum-molded. The plastic is medical-grade polyurethane and is 0.3mm thick.

The advantages for teenagers are obvious: with Invisalign, patients are not obviously wearing braces. Most people won’t even notice the clear plastic. Because the aligner can be completely removed, patients can eat anything they want, including popcorn, without worrying about bits getting caught.Smart Smile informs their patients thatwearing them means they are at much lower risk for injuring their mouths, especially if they play sports and lead active lives. They allow teens to have a normal social life with their friends. With Invisalign, the plastic fits comfortably into the patient’s mouth. There are no metal edges to rub and irritate gums and the inside of the mouth, so there is no pain. They are the ideal way to discreetly make adjustments to your mouth with minimum impact and inconvenience to your life. Smart Smile’s dentists in London, Ontario can help you fix any imperfections in your mouth without your peers or colleagues having to know. Call a London area dental clinic toady for a free consultation.


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