Unlike being in a car accident, a truck accident is usually more costly. The sheer size of the vehicle means that it can cause a lot more damage, and that damage to it will be more expensive to fix.

Road accident

But, regardless of the vehicle size, there are a basic set of principles you must obey when caught in an accident. If you recently fell victim to a truck accident, or drive one and are looking for useful, future advice, then look no further. Here’s what you should do in order to make the fallout of the incident less severe.

Immediately after the crash. Obviously, your first priority should be the safety of those around you. Help anybody who’s injured, and call the ambulance if necessary. If you only have some slight marks on your truck, you don’t need to call the police.

Most importantly, stay calm. Getting worried and stressed will only make things worse. Once you’ve sorted out people and their injuries, pull out your phone and take a few pictures. If you don’t have a camera phone, keep a cheap camera in your truck. This will make dealing legally with the police much easier.

You should also keep a copy of your insurance papers in your truck. This’ll make the immediate fallout much easier to deal with. You can exchange insurance information a lot more quickly, and you’ll have their number to hand. Finally, gather details of witnesses and those involved, and you’re all set.

Dealing legally and financially. You should contact your insurance company within 24 hours of the incident. Most insurance companies are staffed 24/7, so you shouldn’t have any issues here. You’ll then provide them with as many details as possible, and they’ll reply within a day.

While you’re waiting for that reply, assess your legal options. You could contact a professional truck accident attorney, someone who understands these cases. Even if you know you aren’t at fault, consider whether to seek legal advice. One wrong move and you could be landed with the blame.

When your insurance company gets back to you, it’s likely they’ll ask you to cough up. If you caused the accident, the bulk of the cost will be on you. If you didn’t cause it, then you’ll have to pay less. If you’re responsible for the accident, you’ll have to pay some insurance premiums for a few years. This is usually between 20 and 40 percent of your core rate.

In some cases, your rates will stay the same and your premiums won’t change. This is usually only reserved for people who have had the same insurer for over 8 years, with no claims.

By law, you’ll need to make the truck fit for the road again, so take it to a garage or do some fixes at home. Truck repair is more difficult than car repair, so seek advice.

And that just about does it! Hopefully, you never need to use this advice, but I hope you took it on board nonetheless. Stay safe on the roads!

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