Practical Benefits of Obtaining ESA Letter for Your Pet

People who do not like pets can never understand the value these warm furry creatures have in the lives of their owners. In many isolated nights that rolled down from stark days and restless evenings, often, the only soul to talk to is someone who cannot speak the human tongue. Even then, as if to compensate for their ability to express in words, they let you know that they share your moments as a true friend, whose soul job in the world is to see you happy, just because life is not meant to be sad at all! A pet owner experiences so many special moments of spiritual connection with his or her furry friend that the contribution of the pet to your emotional well-being is beyond all description.

Legal support

It is unfortunate that many landlords declare the presence of pets as nuisances and enable a no-pet policy. A humble pet owner even has to face crises like obtaining an eviction notice from an inconsiderate landlord. However, you can reverse the situation to your favor by obtaining an emotional support dog letter. According to the Fair Housing Amendments Act, a certificate that acknowledges therapeutic value of a pet’s companionship holds legal validity in a court of law.

By virtue of the esa letter, a tenant gets the authority to oblige the property manager in accepting the animal. However, it is not exactly a service dog letter because service animals perform several other vital duties besides providing emotional support. You should inquire whether you could obtain the emotional support animal letter separately for service dogs as well. The esa certificate not only leaves no other options for a property owner except to accept the dog, but also asks him to set up a comfortable living shed for the animal within the premises.

Getting it

The only situation where the landlord can legally deny the presence of the pet, despite certification, is when the rental complex has up to four units and he is a co-habit with the tenants. The paper also entails another major benefit of making allowance for the pet to travel on board a flight. Obtaining this document is not a very complex process either. All you have to do is find a reputed online service for the same. There are no red-tapes and official surveying involved here. At the site, pet owners would find a form to fill. There, you need to mention the nature of your emotional condition. You also must describe the invaluable companionship of the pet.

Eligible emotional conditions include common problems like insomnia, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. When you submit the application for review, you also have to pay a nominal fee as service charges. The application goes through a review process where a medical professional verifies the feasibility of providing an emotional support dog letter. Before providing you the letter for emotional support animal, the procedure would verify that your emotional state is stable enough not to harm the pet in any way. When all conditions are accordingly met, the emotional support dog letter arrives to you as a signed and dated letterhead by a licensed medical professional.  

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