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India started its Industrialization in the early 1900s. Born over a decade ago, Naval Pirojsha Godrej is a pace setter in India’s industrialism. He developed different kinds of machines and tools for an array of industries. Among his products are:

· The typewriter, 

· Forklift trucks

· Refrigerator  

· Machine tools

Naval commonly known as Naoroji was a mechanical genius who taught himself how to make machines. Despite the fact that he grew up in limitation, he developed his business skills as early as a teenager. What sparked his inventions was his inquisitive mind. He had a learning attitude which pushed him to try and understand how things worked. He spent most of his time with factory workers trying to ask questions and observing how machines operated. 

Owner of the Godrej Group, Naval Godrej  valued the Godrej Tool Room because this is where most of his inventions came about. He believed in Indian made inventions and he has been instrumental in the establishment of machine tools in India. 

His first product, the All-Indian Typewriter invented in 1955 still have numerous models today. Top on its list is the braille typewriter which is light in weight, convenient and affordable. It also has models designed with greater comfort, and easy operation. Anyone searching for antique typewriters can not miss Naval Godre ’s typewriters. 

The original forklift trucks made in the 1960s made a great contribution to the local markets in India and internationally in Russia. Forklifts are made using heavy duty duty metals and Naval’s trucks had a capacity of 2.25 tones. These were significant for the construction and industrial operations.

The Naval Pirojsha Godrej refrigirator became a household name in the 1950s. This second invention by Naval started with the 230 Volt model which was just 7.3 cubic feet in size. Later it improved to the hermetically sealed one which combined motor and refrigeration units. The 1958 Model 9 was operating on imported compressor units but it later changed to better equipment. This may have shaped the design of locally made products like the air conditioners. 

Described as simple and humble, he did not want public recognition, rather he let other people represent him in publicity. Naval came up with complex inventions including the machine tools. Renowned for the establishment of the Indian Machine Tools Manufacturing Association, he took part in industrial exhbtions which continue to date. Known for the creations like the machine cutters and metal creating tools, he invented the first power press in India whose weight was 35 tons. The manufacture of the tools in the 1940s is accredited to Godrej. He started his manufacturing as early as 1935. It is his love for machines that led to the Godrej industrial garden which is an environment friendly township. His successors continue the legacy of social welfare in India and Nepal. The Indian industrialist’s inventions have led to modern initiatives like the Indian Space Research Organization. Today, Godrej $ Boyce carries the company flag with all Indian typewriters for the modern market. Popular with authors, commentators in social matters and history writers, the products continue to illuminate Naval Pirojsha Godrej’s discoveries.

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