Best Place To Do Business? The UAE

Business owners are always looking for ways to increase their revenue. They try to cut costs, raise prices, layoff employees, or find different tax breaks they can take advantage of. There is one method that not many business owners have taken advantage of yet, but will most likely become quite popular very soon. That is doing your business in the United Arab Emirates. Over the years there have been many changes in the region, with the result now being that the UAE is very pro business. Need convincing? Here are a couple of quick reasons that make the UAE so great for doing business:


  • A Tax Free Economy – When you do your business in the UAE, you don’t have to pay any taxes on it. This allows you to keep all of the money that you earn, and put it back into your business. As such, you can than improve your business and help it to grow. Most countries do not offer zero taxes, but the UAE is one of the few. You may still have to pay some taxes back home, depending on your home country, but for anything completed in the UAE, it will be tax free.
  • Strategic Location – As more and more business become globalized, it is important to have locations in good areas. Having an office in the Middle East essentially provides you with a gateway between the Eastern and Western worlds. This will make doing business easier when you need to communicate and work with people on the other side of the globe.
  • Excellent Infrastructure – As the years have gone by, the UAE has worked to improve its infrastructure for businesses. This means places to live, good office buildings, a strong internet connection, and much more. You are not moving your business to some third-world country in the middle of nowhere. The UAE is a developing country that has all of the things you need to keep your business going and growing.
  • Foreign Investment Opportunities – Along with being pro-business, the UAE has focused on bringing in foreign investors. Many of the wealthiest business men are looking to invest in the UAE due to its no tax policy, no exchange controls, and no trade barriers. This means that more money is being poured into the country, which will then in turn be used to make the country even better for businesses. If you start to do business in the UAE now, it will only get better over time.
  • Diversity – Business from all over the globe are now situating themselves in the UAE. Countries included are The United States, Canada, Britain, Russia, Sweden, India, Pakistan and many more. Chances are if you want to move your business to the UAE, someone from your country has already done so.


With all of these benefits, it doesn’t make sense for a business owner to ignore the UAE any longer. There are a lot of advantages, especially for those companies looking to expand their business beyond their own countries borders. If you are a business owner, we suggest you think it over carefully and weight all of your options. Moving to the UAE could be one of the best possible moves for your company, but you will never know until you go over it.

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